B.A / B.Sc Annual Examination 2015 Admissions Announced

The University of Malakand invites applications for B.A/B.Sc Part- I & Part II regular/late college and private candidates examination on prescribed Examination Admission Forms available on the University website's Downloads Section, all Branches of Allied Bank Ltd, Habib Bank Ltd, United Bank Ltd in Malakand Division and NBP University of Malakand Campus Branch, free of cost strictly in accordance with the following schedule. Incomplete forms shall not be entertained but be held in abeyance till the deficiencies are removed.  The examination will tentatively be held in the 2nd week of May 2015.


     Fee Details

Submission of Forms with Normal
Fee Up to 10-03-2015

Submission of Forms With Late Fee Rs. 100/-Up to

Submission of Forms With Double Fee Up to

Submission of Forms With Triple Fee Up to

B.Sc Part-I & Part-II  (Regular Student only)

Rs.2500 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage)            =Rs.3050/-

Rs. 3150/-

Rs. 5550/-

Rs. 8050/-

B.A Part-I & Part-II  (Regular Student only)

Rs.2000 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.2550/-

Rs. 2650/-

Rs. 4550/-

Rs. 6550/-

B.A Part-I & Part-II
(Private / Late College Student) full Papers / Improvement)

Rs.2000 (Exam. Fee) +
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.2550/-

Rs. 2650/-

Rs. 4550/-

Rs. 6550/-

B.A Part-I Fresh (Private)

Rs.2000 (Exam. Fee) + Rs. 1000 (Reg) +
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.3550/-

Rs. 3650/-

Rs. 5550/-

Rs. 7550/-

BA one Paper

Rs.900/- (Exam. Fee) +
Rs.550/- (DMC + Exam Form+ Postage)




BA Two Papers

Rs 1200/- (Exam. Fee) +
Rs.550/- (DMC + Exam Form   +Postage)




B.Sc One Paper
With A,B or C,D Version

Rs 1800/- (Exam. Fee) +
Rs. 550/- (DMC + Exam Form   +Postage)




B.Sc Two Paper
With A,B or C,D Version

Rs 2400/- (Exam. Fee) +
Rs.550/- (DMC + Exam Form   +Postage)




Fee for Each Practical


Important for Banks Only:

Forms should not be accepted from B.A/B.Sc Part-I fresh candidates until they produce Original Migration Certificate from the concerned BISE, and attested copies of the following documents.
(1) SSC Certificate
(2) Intermediate Certificate
(3) CNIC or Domicile Certificate
(4) Three Recent Photographs

  1. After expiry of the Last Date with triple fee, forms will be accepted with a fine of Rs. 500/- for every spell of 15 days with maximum of Rs. 2000/- till three weeks prior to the commencement of Examination.
  2. Examination forms and fee submitted only through the following Banks will be acceptable:
    1. Any Branch of Allied Bank Ltd in Malakand Division for credit to A/C No. 0047-01-167-0001-8 maintained at ABL Batkhela Branch code (0047).
    2. Any Branch of Habib Bank Ltd in Malakand Division for credit to A/C No. 02787900060301. maintained at HBL Chakdara Brach code (0278).
    3. Any Branch of United Bank Ltd in Malakand Division for credit to A/C No. 212323902. maintained at UBL Batkhela Branch code (0143)
    4. NBP University of Malakand Campus Branch only in A/C No. 1-4.
  3. Forms duly filled accompanied by the required documents and complete in all respect should be submitted in the above stated Banks only.
  4. Forms sent through post office or any other Courier service will not be accepted.
  5. All candidates must attach attested copies of Matric and Intermediate certificate, CNIC / Domicile certificate / original migration certificate of the concerned board and three 4x4 size latest coloured photographs.
  6. B.A/B.Sc Part-II Candidates having failed in one or more papers but have passed more than 50% papers  in B.A/B.Sc Part-I are required to Submit separate forms for B.A/B.Sc Part-I and Part-II.
  7. Examination forms of regular/late college students should be submitted through principals of the colleges.
  8. It must be noted that examination centre is allotted on the basis of permanent address as mentioned in the examination admission form. However, the university reserves the right to allot any other Examination Center keeping in view the number of candidates in the area. A candidate who wants to be examined in a place other than permanent address must provide proof of his/her’ own/ parents’ service/ residence certificate with the form duly attested by gazetted officer.
  9. Incomplete forms and forms without the prescribed fee and required documents shall not be entertained.
  10. Claim of candidates, to have sent admission form by post but not received at the Examination Section shall neither be considered valid nor be entertained. It shall be tackled/ settled with the postal service by the candidate himself.
  11. It may be noted by the candidates that mobile phones and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the Examination halls and may lead to cancellation of paper with fine.
  12. Last date means the last date on which the forms complete in all respect accompanied by the relevant documents and fee receipt are submitted to any one of the above stated Banks.
  13. Fresh students of BSc part-1 will be examined in new syllabus in the paper of electronics.