B.B.A Annual Examination 2015 Admissions Announced

The University of Malakand invites applications for BBA regular/late college candidates on prescribed Examination Admission forms, strictly in accordance with the following schedule. The examination is tentatively scheduled to be held in the 2nd week of August 2015.

Fee Details

Submission of Forms with Normal
Fee Up to 22-06-2015

Submission of Forms With Double Fee Up to

BBA Part I ,II,III & Part IV

Rs.2700 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.3250/-

Rs. 5950/-

One Paper

Rs.1000 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.1550/-

Rs. 2550/-

Two Papers

Rs.1200 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.1750/-

Rs. 2950/-

Three Papers

Rs.1500 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.2050/-

Rs. 3550/-

Four Papers & above

Rs.2700 (Exam. Fee)+
Rs.550 (DMC + Exam. Form + Postage) =Rs.3250/-

Rs. 5950/-

Registration Fee



Fee for Each Practical



Thesis fee Rs. 1200/- Per Candidate with minimum of Rs. 3000/- Per thesis.


  1. All part-I fresh candidates must attach attested copy of D.Com/F.A/F.Sc or equivalent certificate, three 4x4 size latest coloured photographs, CNIC / Domicile certificate / original migration certificate of their concerned Board/University.
  2. Candidates having to re-appear in the examinations are required to submit separate examination form for each part.
  3. Examination forms of all candidates should be submitted through principals of the concerned colleges.
  4. Incomplete forms and forms without the prescribed fee and required documents shall not be entertained unless the candidate has removed the deficiency.
  5. Examination forms and fee submitted only through the following Banks will be acceptable:
    1. Any Allied Bank for credit to A/C No. 0047-01-167-0001-8 maintained at ABL Batkhela Branch.
    2. NBP Malakand University Campus Branch only in A/C No. 1-4.
  6. It may be noted by the candidates that weapons of offense, mobile phones and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the Examination halls.
BBA (Hon.) Part-IV Candidates should submit their internship report to the examination secrecy section within 75 days after termination of examination.